Hair Care

Hair Care

- Always brush your hair before washing and wash your hair extensions with a recommended shampoo and conditioner (sulfate free products are the best).


- Apply conditioner and styling products from mid shaft down. 


- Do not swim frequently in chlorinated pools or sea. The chlorine and salt will not let the hair extensions last long on the hair (recommended to use a special cap when swimming to avoid water reaching the roots of the hair).


- Always apply a heat protectant when using a flat iron or heat styling (avoid direct heat on the roots of the hair).


- Always brush your hair at least twice daily morning and before sleeping to prevent tangling starting from bottom to top (hair extensions brush is the best).


- Never color the hair extensions by yourself (leave this to a professional hair stylist). 


- Never sleep with wet hair and always try a loose braid or pony tail to prevent tangling.

- For tape extensions, it is recommended to not wash the hair for 24 -48hrs after application. 


- Always use the right tools to remove the hair extensions (leave this to a professional hair stylist).